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Our aim is to help businesses grow, through YOU – marketing agencies & domain partners, by building meaningful relationships with your customers' customers.


SpeechInteractiveAI Chatbot Platform makes it easy to grow your Messaging audience.

Drive your client revenue and cost saving efforts on our platform for marketing, sales, and customer services and get rewarded by our revenue sharing program and priority support.

Become a SpeechInteractiveAI Partner and get up to 30% Revenue Share of Subscriptions!

If you are a marketing agency or IT Vendor or a Value Added Reseller, you are in the right place to drive your company profits. Business owners should be perfecting their messenger marketing strategy right now.


Messenger is one of the largest messaging platforms out there, with more than 1.3 billion monthly users. Messaging is rapidly transforming the way people connect with companies online. It is the most engaging channel with an average 80% open rates and much higher CTRs (Click Through Rates) compared to email.


Up to 30% Revenue Share for every new SpeechInteractiveAI client that you sign up, as long as their Bot is alive.


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